From time to time flickering phenomenon widespread street lamp light source of your abnormal phenomenon frequent street lamp light source of high pressure mercury lamp, high pressure sodium lamp and restart time is usually three ~ 15min. In lighting prolonged ignition procedure on account of mutations in the grid voltage, lamp aging and maintenance top quality along with other good reasons, will appear the blinking phenomenon.

The trigger could be divided into two categories: periodic and non periodic.

A, just after the long-term use of lighting, doing work voltage will rise slowly, when the upper voltage exceeds the allowable worth of, for instance when the large sodium lamp working voltage reached about 145V, at a provide voltage of usual no fluctuation style can preserve the lights on. Should the energy supply voltage fluctuations somewhat reduce, the light bulb will soon go out. Once the provide voltage is restored to ordinary and lighting is cooled to a certain degree, the tube metal vapor stress drop, immediately after the condensation of your metal fuel, will probably be renewed moving lights, leading to a non periodic blinking.

B, is worshiped aging lighting, self triggering lighting immediately after the voltage rise gradually to 170V, though no normal electrical power supply voltage fluctuations, lighting will quickly went out of itself. The light bulb cooling to a particular extent back lighting, doing work voltage and progressively rise, repeat the over system. Lighting from the set off lights to self extinguishing, cooling to set off, every single cycle time is mainly the identical, until the lighting will finish of existence. So go round and start off once more extinction and reignition that bulb will die. On the exact same time also brought on periodic blinking bulb.

C, once the repair high quality is not substantial, the line in the individual virtual connection phenomenon, when the virtual actual time, brought on by blinking bulb. The abnormal phenomenon from the light source in the street lamp can ruin the luminance uniformity of street illumination, which brings great inconvenience to pedestrians and vehicles. Resolve abnormal source: using a exclusive transformer, to guarantee the voltage top quality, observe the inspection, located to be timely substitute of end of life (EOL) lighting; to strengthen the high-quality of maintenance, installation is firm and trustworthy place an finish to the phenomenon of virtual connection.

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