City street light at night lights commonly utilized light source, light like the sun brought the light for the men and women. To the nature of light, Maxwell proposed the theory of electromagnetic waves inside the background. While in the electromagnetic wave, the electromagnetic wave with wavelength of 380 ~ 780nm is often created by people’s eyes, and this aspect with the electromagnetic wave is noticeable light. Wavelength from 380nm to 780nm improved, the shade with the light purple, blue, green, yellow, red sequence. Light shade and colour table which includes two color display. Shade table would be the shade of light source, which is, from the physical appearance of the color of light; colour rendering is refers towards the light source lighting, various shade from the visual distortion level, generally with color rendering index.

When the light source is the similar because the reference light source, the shade value is a hundred, the color variation is smaller. Once the city lights use high-pressure mercury lamp illumination, if viewed from afar, men and women will come to feel its light is vivid white. Nonetheless it is to see the irradiation encounter, like a face by using a layer of graphite, and come to feel not pleased. Since the line is missing in the blue and green lamp. In particular red. So it seems unpleasant. This exhibits that the high pressure mercury lamp colour table is good, light white and brilliant, but the colour is just not very good. The incandescent lamp light source as well as the mercury light source opposite. It seems such as the lamp isn’t great, however the shade on the object is incredibly minor distortion. Excellent color for incandescent lamp. Sodium lamp light colour is yellow, when put inside a blue cloth in sodium light blue cloth to the cloth. Description with the sodium lamp shade and color will not be superior. From these examples, we can see that the shade table of the light source is different from that of colour.

The key qualities on the light source with the street lamp will be the light source from the city street lamp, which ought to have excellent lighting efficiency and reasonable vitality saving effect. Demands of street lamp electrical light source is, therefore, a long life, higher light efficiency, fantastic color and consistency, in servicing lighting has the interchangeability. At present, urban street lamps using large efficiency of metal vapor arc discharge lamp, such as high pressure mercury lamp, high pressure sodium lamp since the light source. They’ve got higher luminous efficiency and great shade of, long life benefits. The main goal from the most important traits of your light source would be to make improvements to the financial advantage and useful value of the street lamp.

The luminous efficiency of high pressure sodium lamp is usually a high pressure mercury lamp 2 to three times, the common daily life expectancy is 4 occasions with the high pressure mercury lamp. And high-pressure sodium lamp colour rendering index and energy aspect was drastically reduce than that on the high pressure mercury lamp; starting calibration time and stroboscopic effect two characteristics are practically the same. By comparison, it provides the basis for picking the light source of the light source to know the green illumination. Street lamp electrical characteristics on the source table light title incandescent lamps high pressure mercury lamp high pressure sodium lamp luminous efficiency (LM / W) 6.9 ~ 1930 to 5090 ~ 100 as well as the average life (H) 1000600024000 chromogenic index Ra95 ~ 9930 to 4020 ~ 25 begin calibration time t1/min instantaneous four ~ 84 ~ eight restart time t2/min instantaneous 5 ~ 1010 ~ 20 electrical power aspect cos 4mm one 44 000 to 0 67 44 stroboscopic result just isn’t obvious major alterations in voltage of luminous flux substantial substantially environmental temperature on optical impact is small

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