high pressure sodium lamp is often a really large luminous efficiency of your new power source and its efficiency may be as much as 100 LM / W, high pressure sodium lamp is divided into two sorts of high pressure and very low stress high pressure sodium lamp. A discharge tube made from a exclusive glass is made of a unique glass during the glass situation, and also the tube is full of an ideal amount of sodium, mercury drop and inert gas, the discharge tube and also the glass shell are pumped right into a vacuum to cut back the influence of your ambient temperature to the lamp.

Minimal stress high pressure sodium lamp amplitude injection soft yellow light, it could possibly be divided into two forms of DC and AC, the luminous efficiency than incandescent lamp higher a lot more than ten occasions, can penetrate through the smoke, ideal as lighting in spot to smoke much more, also can do polarimeter, Polarimeter, refraction today optical instruments such as monochromatic light supply, the lamp discharge tube standard company development and narrow the U form, the temperature to stay at all over 270 degrees, sodium vapour five Torr, so applying a coated with infrared reflective film coat. And vacuum, to be able to decrease the discharge loss. Sodium beneath 98 degrees is strong, its vapor stress is incredibly reduced, isn’t straightforward to produce discharge arc, so as to make the lamp starting up voltage reduction, in a discharge tube full of neon, and mixed with significantly less than 1% argon, even though argon micro, but could make the lamp starting voltage reduced by about 50%.

As a result of substantial temperature on the chemical response of sodium vapor is quite powerful, can be corrosive to most types of glass. So the glass wall from the discharge tube is covered using a layer of sodium glass layer. In addition the discharge tube also can be applied with large temperature sodium will not reflect the translucent or transparent alumina ceramics made of corundum. The basic structure of high pressure high pressure sodium lamp, mainly composed of filaments, bimetal thermal relay, discharge tube, glass shell, composition, place appliances manufactured from translucent polycrystalline alumina ceramic, filled with mercury and mercury sodium agent, can develop quite high pressure mercury vapor, filament by a tungsten filament created spiral or woven to the shape of the certain level of alkaline earth metal oxides may be stored, when the heating filament, alkaline earth metal oxide emission of electrons. Double metal position is: once the lamp power, the current by the ballast, thermal resistance, double sheet metal forming pathway, thermal resistance heating, double metal pieces, instantaneous electromotive force created through the ballast that inert gas ionization discharge tube, temperature, mercury with gasification discharge, the sodium grow to be gaseous discharge resulting from light supply, for the reason that of high pressure high pressure sodium lamp near to monochrome, colour will not be easy, so it’s ideal for that colour isn’t as well critical, but since of its large efficiency, about 2 instances as high pressure mercury lamp, long daily life of 1000 hours, can ignite, not simply energy again in one inside of minutes, through fog and robust capability, so it really is extensively used square, station, airport, highway and so on.

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