one, the usage of fan for air cooling principle, the internal heat movement within a timely method, therefore lowering its temperature, shield the LED light source of heat dissipation necessities and support lifestyle, the surface from the lamp is anodized anti-corrosion remedy, compact and gorgeous structure.

two, the world’s first needle radiator heat dissipation efficiency are improved considerably than people on the traditional sheet radiator, can make the LED junction temperature of ordinary radiator very low 15 DEG C.

three, exceptional multi single chip integrated single-mode light source group style and design, collection of imported high brightness chip, because the package of high electrical power LED 30W–160W as light source the thermal conductivity large, minimal light decay, pure light colour, no ghosting phenomenon.

four, employing substantial purity aluminum as being a reflection of products, wide irradiation angle of illumination uniformity, no glare, no flicker.

5, the usage of frequent voltage consistent existing handle, broad application voltage (AC85V-265V) to overcome the power grid induced through the ballast, noise pollution and triggered from the lights will not be steady, to work within the Ministry in the stimulation brought about by fatigue.

six, long lifestyle, guarantee 50000 hrs or a lot more: the special chip technology to make certain the light supply life. The radiator and lamp shell integration style and design, and totally guarantee the service existence of the lamp.

seven, very good color, the presentation of authentic colour a lot more real, a type of light color optional, meet the desires of different environments, getting rid of the conventional lamp shade temperature is too large or minimal of depression brought on by, to observe, come to feel more comfy, improve the function efficiency of the employees.

8, power conserving is incredibly apparent, only using a quantity of chip integrated LED high-power light bulbs with high efficiency energy, than the very same brightness of the traditional lighting energy conserving more than 75%.

9, the green environmental safety and no pollution, no pollution, containing mercury and various factors, there’s no pollution towards the atmosphere.

ten, fantastic decorative impact, using exclusive surface therapy technologies visual appeal, the set up is simple, simple to eliminate, wide array of application.

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