Streetlight HPS-MHL-140

Streetlight HPS-MHL-140
Lamp holder: E27/E40
Color: Gray, Grey, White, Black
70W/150W/250W/400W street lights for sale
Lamps: high pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp
Working temperature: -20 — 40 degrees Celsius.
Die-casting aluminum housing, High purity aluminum reflector
Highly-transparent toughened glass shade, 5mm thick, arc-shaped and heat resistant.
Stainless steel buckle with spring for operation, top-lift cover for easy repair and maintenance.
HID Streetlight Suitable for lighting in highways, main road in city, bridge road in residential area, etc.

150W 250W 400W Streetlight specifications:

Model: HPS-MHL-140
The gear control box material is Plastic.
Reflector: High purity anodized aluminum.
PC cover
Stainless steel screws and clips
Corrosion silicone rubber seals
Dimension L: 340 W: 170 H:145 (mm)
Lamp compartment IP65
Control gear IP65
Protective class of anti-electric shock I
Suitable lighting source
Lamp holder E27 E40
Rated voltage and frequency 230V±10/ 50HZ
Installation diameter θ48mm θ60mm
Streetlight pole height 5m-12m


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