At present, heat led lighting fixtures are by air outlet, installed fan, although so heat issue is solved, but the operation for a period of time following, the equipment will product by using a good deal of dust, minimizes the gear operation functionality and the influence of gear support life, and this won’t apply to outside gear. If used in damp natural environment, water vapor will into inner tools brought about by quick circuit or fault how completely the precise remedies to the problem?

Water leakage of lamps and lanterns, at present industry outside flood lights, LED industrial lighting to the huge vast majority of IP65, each six amounts of dust (dust particles) multistage waterproof (anti storm) and aspect is IP68 protection grade items, the waterproof efficiency variation is bigger. In accordance to experience: sealing efficiency of lamps and lanterns in turn rear cavity without the need of cooling of glass cover will not be open, poor sealing overall performance immediately can open, this is tightness, poor air tightness of lamp for a lot of factors, most is for waterproof cover glass glue strips or lamp shell of stomata in die casting, needless to say, you will discover structural design issues, this kind of as fixation screw holes within the shell directly drilled that irrespective of whether fantastic air tightness on the lamp will not be leaking? Fieldwork test showed that: IP degree necessities of lamps and lanterns, high-end is usually a approach — shell assembly is installed inside the installation of every one of the water immersion check, but there are nonetheless five thousandths of leakage price, and odd is leaking lamps dismounted, don’t do the job in state 6 hrs of immersion truly leak. Via examination, investigate and entry to relevant facts realized: all outside high-power lamps and lanterns during the functioning procedure of a respiration (beneath high-pressure sealing explosion-proof lights except).

The lamp extinguished the rain didn’t prevent when inhaled rain probability of 5-8%, and with age improve and waterproof glue strip aging increases James electronic components items to remedy the generation of products plus the very similar imported solutions ventilation will not be smooth, waterproof overall performance just isn’t solid, finish cover easy to fall off, filter fixed easy to move, straightforward aging of waterproof rubber ring together with other complications, the comprehensive efficiency on the solutions licensed through the provincial and municipal authorities to your international primary level. Main items are: M12/M8/ metal M12 and, respectively through the Germany, Italy, the usa GE, Nitto ePTFE movie series.

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